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In a progressively interconnected and globalized world it is crucial for people to possess the ability to communicate effectively with one another, and the important role of English in facilitating this communication cannot be overemphasized. For that reason, it is vital to gain proficiency in one of the most widely spoken languages on our planet, and the most widely used lingua franca: English.

Individuals who can communicate effectively in a second language have a greater appreciation of different cultures, are more employable, and have stronger interpersonal skills which are crucial when working with professionals from different nationalities.

At Bradford School, we are aware of the relevance of the English language in our current time. For that reason, our main objective is to help our students develop the skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively in English. To accomplish this goal, we promote the use of English during all our lessons, by providing an “English zone” and encouraging the use of the language.

As a department, we also plan activities, both inside and outside the classroom, which allows us to make the most of opportunities that promote the use of the English language. For the first time this year we will host an event in which the theatre company “Live Language Theater” will perform an interactive play for our 7th grade students, where members of the audience have the chance to get involved. This activity will give our students the chance to develop confidence in their speaking and listening skills by communicating with the actors and actresses in the target language. In addition, also for the first time, our school will offer students in 8th and 9th grade the chance to travel to the United Kingdom for three weeks during September. This trip will allow students to interact with native speakers of English, an opportunity that will help them improve their command of the English language, and give them some “real world” practice. Additionally, once our students reach the senior school, they are prepared to take the Cambridge English First Certificate in English (FCE) exam and to complete the IB Diploma Program studying English as a second language. Although there are differences between the preparation programs that are used for the FCE and IB exams, both programs help students to improve their use of the English language as well as raising their awareness of the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists around the world, and the intricate role that a second language plays in fostering intercultural understanding. The aforementioned activities, along with the commitment of the strong team of qualified, experienced teachers who make up the English department, allow us to equip our students with the necessary skills needed to take an active role in today’s interconnected and globalized world.

English Teachers:

  • Juan Ignacio Córdoba, Head of English
  • Vicente Lagos
  • Marcela Caamaño
  • Daniela Demarchi
  • María Constanza Neira


Mrs. Patricia Neira
Head of Senior
Mr. Carlos Vidal
Head of Junior
Mrs. Carmen Gloria Landerer

Director of Studies

Mrs. Ann Turner (Junior)
Mr. Héctor Venegas (Senior)

Directora de Formación y Convivencia
Mrs. Karen Muci

Teléfono Dirección:

Dirección: Luis Pasteur 6335, Vitacura, Santiago


  • Gerente:
    • Sra. Carolina Ramis
  • Jefe de Finanzas 
    • Sr. Roberto Valencia
  • Jefa de RR.HH 
    • Srta. Morín Aranguiz
  • Jefe de Operaciones:
    • Sr. Jorge Cornejo
  • Secretaria Administración:
    • Srta. Yanahara Matamala

Teléfono Administración:

Dirección: Tahiti 6416, Vitacura, Santiago


Teléfono Principal:


Sra. Angélica Pizarro:
56 2 29123141

Sra. Rosa Aguilera:
56 2 29123147


Sra. Ana Ma. Miranda:
56 2 29123143

Sra. Jacqueline O' Ryan:
56 2 29123176


Sra. Ellen Olsen 
56 2 29123145

Sra. Magaly Fuentes

56 2 29123157

Sra. Sandra Bottero
56 2 29123154

Sr. Marcelo Ulloa
56 2 29123168


Convivencia Escolar
Sra. Alejandra Vásquez 
56 2 29123183

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56 2 29123173

Sra. Doris León
56 2 29123146

Centro de Padres
Sra. Pachy Belaunde
56 2 29123170


Avda. Luis Pasteur 6335, Vitacura, Santiago, CHILE

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