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Bradford School


I write on the eve of the start of classes for 2018 to introduce myself.  My name is Alan Ripley and I have the privilege and honour of being asked to be the Rector of Bradford School.  A new Rector necessarily means that, as is well known in the community, Patricia Artigues is leaving the school. 

As an outsider with an interest in education in Chile – and particularly in the British Schools in Chile – I have observed how Miss Patricia has molded and developed Bradford School in the last nine years.  With healthy numbers, solid finances and new innovative academic and sporting programmes, Bradford can be justly proud of what has been achieved.  More than this, in my short time immersed in the school, I have been impressed by the number of occasions in which teachers have referred to a “happy” school.  When someone gets around to writing the history of Braemar/Bradford School I hope that the enormous role that Miss Patricia played in the development of the school in the early 21st century is both remembered and celebrated.

I have worked as Rector in two other British Schools – for a total of 18 years.  However, the experience counts for little when set against the fact that every school really is so different.  I have much to learn about Bradford School and its community.  What is more, change is relentless in all aspects of life.  In education, change and the management of change has been both profound and continuous; such that it is often challenging to find solid ground. Most positive has been the re-centering of all educational effort on the student, and particularly on student learning. 

The beginning of every school year is a time of hope, energy and renewal.  Every student, parent and teacher starts again with the rhythm of early morning, uniform, sports and homework….and a blank sheet.  The hope is always that, come December, that blank sheet is full of achievement, satisfaction and good experiences.  It is the responsibility of all of the school community – teachers, parents and of course students - to do everything we possibly can to make this happen.

I wish everyone in the community of Bradford School a peaceful, productive, and stimulating 2018.


Mr. Alan Ripley
Head of Senior
Mr. Carlos Vidal
Head of Middle
Mr. Enrique Yáñez
Head of Infant / Junior
Mrs. Carmen Gloria Landerer
Directors of Studies
Mrs. Patricia Neira (Infant / Junior)
Mr. Héctor Venegas (Middle / Senior)

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  • Gerente:
    • Sra. Carolina Ramis
  • Jefe de Finanzas y RRHH:
    • Sr. Roberto Valencia
  • Jefe de Operaciones:
    • Sr. Héctor Núñez
  • Secretaria Administración:
    • Sra. Ana M. Miranda

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Dirección: Tahiti 6416, Vitacura, Santiago


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Sra. Angélica Pizarro:
56 2 29123141

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Sra. Ana Ma. Miranda:
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Sra. Jacqueline O' Ryan:
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Sra. Vivian Galleguillos
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Sra. Magaly Fuentes

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Sra. Sandra Bottero
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Sr. Marcelo Ulloa
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Convivencia Escolar
Sra. Alejandra Vásquez 
56 2 29123183

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Sra. Doris León
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Centro de Padres
Sra. Pachy Belaunde
56 2 29123170


Avda. Luis Pasteur 6335, Vitacura, Santiago, CHILE

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